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Are you a breeder of the following three types?

Swine industry

Poultry industry

Aquatic product industry

Are your assets dying in large numbers due to the following diseases?

Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS) or Blue ear disease
Avian Influenza (AI)

Common methods to control the outbreak of infections and diseases in animal groups are :

Biosecurity (quarantine)

However, when these two methods still can’t stop the large number of animal deaths, can we just be helpless?

Now you have a new solution

Key nutrients to maintain the normal functioning of the immune system

The immune system is a disease defense system composed of a series of biological structures and processes in the organism. But when the immune system is low, the human body and animals are easily invaded by diseases VAP is a special protein. It is found in the milk of Chinese herbal medicines, mushrooms and mammals. This protein cannot be synthesized by organisms and needs to be supplemented by external sources. After a large number of animal experiments, it has been found that VAP can interact well with the immune system. Matching and reinforcement can achieve a good recovery effect on biological diseases.

Prevent viruses from invading animals through mucous membranes

Almost all kinds of diseases and viruses invade animals through mucous membranes. Although the animal itself has the protection of the immune system, a small amount of viruses in the early stage cannot activate the immune system’s alarm mechanism. Often when the animal finds the body uncomfortable, the virus has replicated in large numbers in animals. This is the so-called 【incubation period】of Virus. Based on field experience, it is often found that the virus has invaded after a large number of animals have died. This is the nightmare of all animal husbandry operators.

Let the immune system activate early

The best time to use VAP is when the virus has just entered the incubation period; it will interfere, isolate, and resist the virus, prevent the virus from replicating in the organism, reduce the chance of the virus attacking the immune system’s defense capabilities, and further produce irreparable diseases.

Comprehensive protection against viruses

The principle of a vaccine is to use a virus (antigen) to allow the immune system to recognize the virus and produce specific antibodies, so it usually only has an effect on a single disease What VAP hopes is not to replace the vaccine, but to complement each other with the vaccine, to make up for what cannot be perfected in modern science and technology, to replace the biological immune system and put on a protective cover.

3 advantage of VAP

Combine with virus

Can be combined with various viruses
Reduce the chance of sticking to the mucous membrane

Activate intestinal mucosal immunity

Quickly bring the virus into the immune cells in the intestine, and can activate B cells and T cells.

Increase interferon

Targeting infected cells to emit interferon
Prevent other healthy cells from being affected

How to use VAP?

Adding to the daily feed, a small amount of VAP can continuously and effectively increase the resistance of organisms to viruses.

Daily gain

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Reduce feed to meat ratio

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Increased egg production rate

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