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Immuni VAP – Pet Nutrition

Pure natural biological growth and immune enhancement products, no drug resistance, no side effects on the pet’s immune system feed supplements.

100% safe for mixing with pet feeds.

Increase the health of your pet’s intestinal tract and effectively reduce allergic reactions and inflammatory reactions.

Trigger spontaneous reactions of the mucosal immune system initially to inhibit viral entry and infection.

Benefits of Immuni VAP - Pet Nutrition:

Available in:

20 kg, packaging

Plastic Bucket

1 kg, packaging

Foil Pack

Animal Nutrition VAP - SenMu

Dogs, Cats, Pet Birds, Pet Fish


  • Yeast extract
  • Taurine
  • Lactose


  1. Stronger protection based on mucosal immunity.
  2. Strengthen the stomach and intestines; enhance digestive tract repair.
  3. Increases skin and hair luster and reduces allergic reactions.

Recommended daily dose is 100mg for each pet.

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    Feed Ingredients to Improve Pet Nutrition

    The focus of choosing pet nutrition or pet feed is whether it can ultimately provide appropriate and balanced nutrition, the basic nutrients are, protein, fat, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins. Balanced nutrition is the key to maintaining pet health. However, under the pathogenic factors of the environment, it often causes mucosal inflammation and immunosuppression, thus leading to malabsorption of nutrients. In case of disease, you may also suffer from nutritional deficiencies.

    Immuni VAP – Pet Nutrition, a pet feed additive, can reduce mucosal inflammation and immunosuppression so that pets can effectively absorb balanced nutrients and grow safely and healthily.

    At present, pet owners are concerned about the problem of food allergies, and the common myth of owners is, the market will advertise “grain-free equals anti-allergic”, but the American Veterinary Surgeons Association announced that 85% of allergens come from animal proteins, so “grain-free” does not mean no allergy, and each individual’s allergens are different, so it is difficult for owners to avoid pets being exposed to allergens. Immuni VAP – Pet Nutrition, a pet feed additive, can reduce the allergic reaction of pets and give pets a comfortable and allergy-free growth process.

    What’s in Immuni VAP, Pet Feed Additives, Are Critical in Pet Nutrition?

    • Improve intestinal health in dogs and cats
    • Reduce allergic reactions in dogs and cats
    • Increase the vitality of dogs and cats
    • Reduce illness in dogs and cats

    Like humans, pets have an immune system that detects and fights viruses, especially from birth until the immune system has been trained by environmental pathogens and has matured, making young pets susceptible to infection and causing more serious symptoms. The mucous membrane is usually a major way for virus invasion, and we can reduce the risk of virus invasion by wearing masks, but pets do not have an absolute defense mechanism like us. Once the virus invades, there are many complications and increased mortality. Pets come into contact with the environment very frequently and we have no way of knowing what our pets have been exposed to or ingested, and it is through environmental contact that pathogens are transmitted to our pets.

    Therefore, we must also take further precautions for our pets. We add Immuni VAP – Pet Nutrition, a pet feed additive, to our pet diets for different types or symptoms of pet diseases so that the immune system can be activated and a large number of antibodies IgA can be produced before the pet even has symptoms of the disease. This reduces the risk of disease in dogs and cats and provides the most effective protection for pets.

    Immuni VAP – Pet Nutrition, a pet feed additive, will target different antigens to find the corresponding antibodies and activate the mucosal immune system of the pet. By increasing the immune efficacy of the pet, the immune system can make more accurate judgments, thus reducing allergic reactions and increasing the intestinal health of the dog and cat.

    Over time, we have also seen an increase in the pet’s vitality and a significant improvement in hair loss, which may have been caused by skin inflammation, resulting in a shiny coat.

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