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Immuni VAP - Aquaculture Nutrition

Pure natural biological growth and immune enhancement products, no drug resistance, no side effects on fish, shrimp, crab, eel, and clam immune system feed supplements.

100% safe for mixing with aquatic feeds.

Effectively reduce the infection of various pathogens such as white spot disease and Vibrio.

Trigger spontaneous reactions of the mucosal immune system initially to inhibit viral entry and infection.

Benefits of Immuni VAP - Feed Additives in Aquaculture:

Available in:

20 kg, packaging

Plastic Bucket

1 kg, packaging

Foil Pack

Animal Nutrition VAP - SenMu

Aquaculture (shrimp, fish, eel, crustacean, etc.)


  • Yeast extract
  • Taurine
  • Lactose

Stimulating the immune system and demonstrating stronger protection based on mucosal immunity.

To prevent viral infection and block the entrance of existing viruses in the farm: Add 20g of ImmuniVAP – Aquaculture Nutrition per ton of feed.

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    The nutritional input of aquaculture is not observable in the feeding condition of the fish and shrimp, so the experience of the breeder is very important. The open-feeding method is also affected by the climate, rainy season, etc., which often affects the health, production, and appearance of aquatic animals such as fish and shrimp.

    As environmental and sustainability issues are becoming increasingly important to the public, increasing the digestibility of feeds can reduce the amount of waste entering the environment and indirectly reduce the impact on water quality, which is becoming increasingly important for environmental protection.

    ImmuniVAP – Feed Additives in Aquaculture is a highly energetic yeast that greatly enhances and maintains the health of fish, shrimps, crabs, eels, clams, etc., reducing mortality. With dextran and Versatile Adhesion Polypeptides(VAP), it increases the weight of fish, shrimps, eels, and clams, significantly improving the feed conversion rate and increasing the weight of fish, shrimps, crab, eels, and clams. It can be used for all types of aquaculture to increase the benefits of aquaculture.

    Why Do You Need ImmuniVAP (Feed Additives in Aquacultures) Besides Basic Aquaculture Nutrition?

    The feeding of aquatic fish and shrimp is very complex, from algae to plankton in the water, which are the targets of their ingestion, so pathogenic microorganisms in the water often enter the body with the feeding process. Therefore, the mortality rate in the aquaculture process is very difficult to control.

    Nevertheless, in an environment full of pathogens, the mucosal inflammatory response and immunosuppression often result in the malabsorption of nutrients, disease, and death, and can easily affect growth performance and appearance.

    ImmuniVAP – Feed Additives in Aquaculture not only reduces aquaculture mortality but also significantly improves harvest weight and the appearance of aquatic animals, which in turn increases sales value.

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