What is Animal Nutrition VAP?

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Animal nutrition VAP is the key nutrient to maintain the normal functioning of the immune system. Why do we say that? Because the environment is full of viruses, which often attack or interfere with the immune system. However, small amounts of viral infections are not likely to cause disease in animals, but they do tend to disrupt and depress the immune system. This is not easy to see from the appearance, so the animal’s overall protection and repair ability will be reduced. And once the epidemic comes, it is usually easy to cause more serious symptoms. Animal nutrition VAP can assist the immune system to detect the virus early when a small amount of virus infection occurs. Therefore, it can reduce the impact of viruses on the immune system and maintain the normal operation of the immune system.

A Key Supplement to Maximize the Immune System.

Animal Nutrition VAP is also an Antibiotic-free SOLUTION that helps different components of the immune system communicate and coordinate well with each other. Due to its natural raw materials, Animal Nutrition VAP can be added safely as feed additives for species including poultry, livestock, swine, ruminant, aquaculture, and pet.

What makes Animal Nutrition VAP extraordinary?

Natural Materials​

Natural Materials

After years of research, SenMu found Animal Nutrition VAP exists in natural materials like mushrooms, milk (especially colostrum), certain Chinese medicine, and product of fungal metabolism, etc. The major achievement of this finding was then the exclusive formula of Animal Nutrition VAP.

Manufacturing Process​

Manufacturing Process

Hi-end technology as well as the unique formula is, needless to say, indispensable to the production of Animal Nutrition VAP. With the help of leading concentration techniques, membrane filtration, encapsulation technologies, and sterilization, Animal Nutrition VAP has finally been brought to the stage.

Real-valued Functions​

Real-valued Functions

Other than reinforcing the immune system, Animal Nutrition VAP is also able to reduce the risk of infection, safeguard the farm, and improve productivity in poultry/livestock farming and aquaculture by making the best of nutrition from the feed.

How does Animal Nutrition VAP work?

The mechanism of Animal Nutrition VAP includes three key features:

  1. Preventing virus entry—By biding to coat protein or spike glycoprotein of the virus, Animal Nutrition VAP can inhibit virus attachment to living cells and thus reduce the risk of infection.
  2. Promoting virus neutralization—Through activating B-cell to generate a huge amount of IgA and form all-aspect protection on the mucous membrane. Viruses attached to the membrane will first be neutralized without having a chance to invade the body. At the same time, Animal Nutrition VAP can activate T-cell for a strengthened performance of memory cells and phagocytes to target and further destroy invading viruses.
  3. Boosting interferon to fight viral infectionsAnimal Nutrition VAP helps to increase the secretion of interferon to obstruct viral replication and enhance Phagocytes’ capability to destroy the intruded viruses.

3 Main Ingredients of Animal Nutrition VAP:

Animal Nutrition VAP - SenMu
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Immuni VAP - Poultry Nutrition

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Immuni VAP - Swine Nutrition

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Immuni VAP - Ruminant Nutrition

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Immuni VAP - Aquaculture Nutrition

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Immuni VAP - Pet Nutrition

Animal Nutrition VAP: One of the Best Feed Additives

We are dealing with things that the world has not been able to solve effectively. Plagues (mostly viral diseases) are no longer properly addressed by vaccines or pharmaceuticals. Especially in high-density farms, once the disease outbreak occurs, it often causes repeated infections in the farm, resulting in increased mortality or decreased production performance (egg production, meat production, litter production), what we offer is a new solution.

Using Animal Nutrition VAP:

  1. It can reduce the chance of the virus spreading in herd feeding, which greatly reduces herd infection and mortality rate. With the field experience and the disease outbreak, we only saw sporadic outbreaks, and the disease was contained in a small area.
  2. Improving the efficiency of production in pasture and range, which can boost daily weight gain, litter size, annual egg production rate, feed efficiency, and fertility data. With the law of material immortality, nutrition is not used to fight diseases, it can be used to increase productivity. Besides reducing the mortality rate, if the animal is healthy, the reproductive performance is also improved, which results in reducing breeding costs. Enhancing the efficiency of the pasture is a way to reduce the cost of farming and increase the competitiveness of the industry.
  3. Animal nutrition VAP can enhance vaccine efficacy, increase antibodies’ strength and improve herd immunity. Additionally, it can reduce adverse reactions to vaccine administration and reduce the use of pharmacological agents on farms.

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