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Our R&D team has decades of experience in Immunology and Microbiology.

Immunology and Human History

Two main mechanisms of immunity included in the adaptive immune system: Cellular and Humoral immunity.

18th Century & Cellular Immunity

In the 18th century, the mainstream of immunology was cell-mediated immunity cellular immunity(CMI). CMI is the arm of immune response which incorporates the activation of macrophages and Natural Killer Cell to destroy intracellular pathogens with the complement system and phagocytosis on the whole.

19th Century & Humoral Immunity

Humoral immunity is also called antibody-mediated immunity. In the 19th century, the existence of antibodies was discovered by professionals through survivors of plague. This approach had been extensively used till now with its implementation of “Vaccine”.

The Era of Pandemics

Horrible cases of viral disease, even cross-species transmission ones, have taken places in the 21st century, and keeps threatening our lives. At this critical moment when cellular and humoral immunity falling short, what OPTION do we have left?

We’ve got the solution to make up for the insufficiency!
Here it is:

Mucosal Immunity

How important is mucosal immunity?

Nearly all kinds of viruses invade cells through the mucous membrane. To reinforce the mucous immunity system means to effectively inhibit viral invasion and further infection.

Mucosal immunity is essential to Animal’ wellbeing.

The founder of SenMu is an experienced immunologist in the poultry and livestock industries. Witnessing countless cases of how viral infection forced farms to go down in flames in a blink and cause enormous damages, SenMu has pulled out all the stops to the research of enhancing mucosal immunity system. Thankfully, the OPTION/SOLUTION other than cellular and humoral immunity is found.

Here we bring you VAP.

What is VAP—Versatile Adhesion Protein, the key firewall which can deploy the immune system in advance to inhabit viral invasion through the mucous membrane for overall protection.

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