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Immuni VAP - Swine Nutrition

Feed Supplements for the Immune System.

100% safe for mixing with livestock feeds.

Set up a more effective immune mechanism and respond to invading bacteria/viruses appropriately.

Trigger spontaneous reactions of the mucosal immune system initially to inhibit viral entry and infection.

Benefits of Immuni VAP - Swine Nutrition:

Available in:

20 kg, packaging

Plastic Bucket

1 kg, packaging

Foil Pack

Animal Nutrition VAP - SenMu

Swines (Breeding pig, Sow, Gilt, Piglet, Finisher, etc.)


  • Yeast extract
  • Taurine
  • Lactose

Stimulating the immune system and demonstrating stronger protection based on mucosal immunity.

To prevent viral infection and block the entrance of existing viruses in the farm: Add 10g of ImmuniVAP – Swine Nutrition per ton of feed.

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    What Nutrients Are Needed for Swine?

    In addition to basic protein, carbohydrates, and essential fatty acids, pig nutrition also contains essential trace elements and minerals, which can maintain the normal growth of pigs and also affect the economic efficiency of their farrowing and meat growth. Pigs are very sensitive to the taste and aroma of feeds. Immuni VAP – Swine Nutrition, a swine feed additive, can produce peptides and amino acids with a high flavor presentation effect after decomposition by proteolytic enzymes, which have strong appetitive power.

    Pig breeding is the so-called economic animal breeding, so the purpose of breeding is to make a profit, increase production efficiency and reduce breeding costs, which are the common desire of every breeder, and the highest cost of breeding is still in feed. Therefore, how to increase the nutritional utilization of fees is always the goal of each livestock-related industry has been pursuing.
    The main factors affecting the nutritional utilization of feed are the quality of the feed itself and the absorption rate of the pig’s intestine. Whether the feeding process is affected by the disease, resulting in growth retardation or stagnation, or even death, and reproductive disorders of females, all of which greatly increase the cost of breeding for farmers. Immuni VAP – Swine Nutrition, a swine feed additive, can increase the repair ability of intestinal mucous membrane cells, fully absorb nutrients into growth requirements, and reduce nutrient waste, in a way that also reduces the generation of fecal discharge odor and improves environmental quality.

    For disease-fighting immune system aspects of pig nutrition, Immuni VAP – Swine feed supplements are the best additions to maintain a properly functioning immune system. Why VAP feed supplementation for animal nutrition is a key nutrient to maintain the normal functioning of the immune system. Because the environment is full of viruses, which often attack or interfere with the immune system, and a small amount of viral infection is not likely to cause disease in animals, but it is easy to cause disorders and depression in the immune system, which is not easily visible from the outside. Therefore, the overall protection and repair ability of the pig will be reduced, and once the epidemic comes, it is usually easy to cause more serious symptoms. Immuni VAP – Swine Nutrition, feed supplement, can assist the immune system to lock in the virus early when a small amount of virus infection occurs, thus reducing the impact of the virus on the immune system and maintaining the normal functioning of the immune system, which can reduce the incidence of disease and death in pigs.

    Why Do You Need Swine Feed Additives Besides Basic Swine Nutrition?

    Immuni VAP – Swine Nutrition, a swine feed additive, is a variety of high-end technologies, that produces functional peptide products with different regulatory physiological functions, its role is,

    1. Rapidly repair the mucous membrane cells, increase the absorption of nutrients, and quickly stop diarrhea in animals, Animal nutrition VAP feed additives can increase nutrient absorption, increase nutrient utilization, increase daily weight gain, nutrient absorption capacity, and the health of the intestinal mucosa itself, animal nutrition VAP has a lot to do with it.
    2. Strengthen mucosal immunity and enhance the ability of animals to fight against diseases, The immune tissue of pigs is similar to that of humans, with about 70% of the immune tissue surrounding the intestine. Through a good intestinal environment, pig mucosal immunity produces a normal protective mechanism, which can effectively block the invasion of viruses or bacteria.
    3. Reduce stress; Resist stress; Reduce illness rates.
      Stress is an important cause of disease in animals and affects the efficiency of nutrient absorption. Animal nutrition VAP feed additives can promote the performance of heat and stress resistance, reduce the production of animal stress, it can also strengthen the intestinal immune function, enhance the fertility and anti-inflammatory effect, maintain the health of the growth process of animals and reduce the occurrence of disease.

    We all know that when piglets are breastfed, they are protected by breast milk, which is the mucosal immunity, so this is the original immunity of the animal body. so this is the original immunity of the animal body. Immuni VAP – Swine Nutrition, a swine feed additive, is simply strengthening the animal’s immunity to specific viruses. Therefore, using Immuni VAP – swine feed additives for animal nutrition is like keeping the piglet protected from breast milk.

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