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VAP is a small molecule peptide found in nature. It is found in mushrooms, plants and breast milk, with colostrum containing the highest amount of VAP, which is why young animals that drink breast milk are less likely to get sick. It was initially developed to tackle the problem of cancer, as we have cells that are cancerous every day and the immune system will remove these cells. Like viruses, cancer cells can easily disguise or hide to avoid removal by the immune system, so we hope that VAP can assist the immune system to remove these hidden cancer cells. In the course of experiments, it has been found that VAP can assist the immune system in the labelling of environmental viruses in the course of extensive animal trials in the field on farms. For this reason, VAP is not afraid of virus mutation.

Years of clinical use in breeding have found that VAP can be achieved,

  1. Prevention of viral infections
    (Reduces the chance of widespread disease spread and reduces the risk of breeding.)
  2. Repair mucosal cells
    (Increase nutrient utilization, improve feed efficiency and reduce breeding costs.)
Various small molecule peptides have different properties and functions. VAP is derived from a variety of natural sources, extracted, concentrated and encapsulated in a special production process to form peptide molecules that can synergise with each other and assist the immune system to function optimally.

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