Comparison and Differences between Cage Housing and Enriched Cage

With viral diseases raging and the price of eggs going up and down, we usually only care about whether our demand is affected or not, without ever understanding the concerns of poultry rearing, which are indirectly affecting our supply chain. Environment, space, climate and location are all key factors that affect the decision to raise poultry. In Taiwan, due to the limited space available, most farmers choose to raise poultry in cages that are easy to manage, that is, the same kind of lattice cages that we usually see in food markets, the A4-sized cages, which for poultry are the range of their life’s activities. Enriched Cage is a recent reform of the farming industry, although they are the same cage feeding, but compared to the general lattice cage, poultry have more space to move around, egg laying, roosting, claw raking, sand baths, and other necessary facilities to show the natural behavior are included in it. Although both of these activities are still very limited in terms of space, and not as good as the level of floor feeding and pastured, in Taiwan, where 90% of the animals are generally caged, a slow and progressive reform will not only emphasize the rights of the animals, but also raise the standard of animal husbandry.

Though Cage Housing is inexpensive, how can the problems caused by it be improved?

Poultry are more prone to stress than other animals. Both physically and psychologically, it causes a decrease in the quality of poultry meat, an increase in the difficulty of raising chickens, and a decrease in egg production, etc. To cope with the high transmissibility and urgency of virus caused by lattice cage rearing,  Senmu ImmuniVAP feed additive is the first choice that comes to the mind of all farmers.  Senmu ImmuniVAP feed additive can quickly induce mucosal immunity to produce antibody IgA to neutralize the virus in the mucosal layer, and assist the immune system to produce the corresponding target antibody. The long-term laying process of poultry often produces non-pathogenic chronic inflammation, and Senmu ImmuniVAP feed additives can quickly repair the mucous membrane cells and reduce inflammation and the stress caused by changes in environmental temperature. Semnmu ImmuniVAP reduces the effects of heat stress and therefore helps to maintain peak egg production rates. With long-term use of Senmu ImmuniVAP feed additives, even if there is no disease outbreak, it can transform its function and enhance nutrient absorption and utilization, which not only improves the feed conversion rate, but also helps farmers to reduce the cost of farming and increase their competitive advantage.

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