Feed Additive for Shrimp: Antibiotic Reduction & Disease Outbreak Prevention

In recent years, Senmu company has been committed to seeking answers to the problems for farmers, and we are currently dealing with things that cannot be effectively solved in the world. Most viral diseases, vaccines or drugs have not been properly solved, especially in high-density farms, once the disease outbreak, often causes repeated infections in the farm, resulting in increased mortality or decreased production performance (egg production, meat production, littering). We offer a new solution for farmers: Immuni VAP feed additives. Immuni VAP feed additives for shrimp in Senmu can be fully mixed with feed, and in response to the viral diseases currently faced by shrimp farmers, trigger the spontaneous response of the mucosal immune system, inhibit virus entry and infection, and shrimp farmers no longer need to rely on drugs or increase the use of antibiotics to improve farming efficiency.

What are feed additives, and why are they used in shrimp feed?

Feed additives refer to the use of feed, the addition of natural or chemical substances to improve the nutritional value of feed, promote animal growth and health, but also improve animal performance and disease resistance, the use of feed additives has become an indispensable part of modern aquaculture. Nowadays, viral diseases are present in the environment in both the livestock and aquaculture sectors. In the livestock field, we can get a quicker picture of the breeding status through vaccines and animal temperament, while in aquaculture, we can only judge the survival rate of fish and shrimps through bait, water quality and growth of the fish and shrimps, etc. We cannot know the status of shrimps in the breeding pond with our naked eyes, so it may be too late for viral diseases to strike.

Senmu shrimp feed additives help farmers to solve their problems by providing the necessary nutrients for shrimps and improving their digestibility and absorption rates, resulting in an increase in shrimp intake. In the case of viral diseases, Senmu shrimp feed additive also complements the vaccine by providing an early activation of the shrimp’s immune system to control the spread of the virus and reduce mortality in the event of an external viral disease invasion.

How does SenMu feed additive contribute to sustainable shrimp farming practices ?

Senmu Immuni VAP shrimp feed additive is a purely natural, biologically grown and non-resistant, immune system maintenance product, which is a feed supplement for the immune system of shrimps without any side effects. Modern shrimp farmers can only prevent infection through prevention, isolation and vaccination, although these methods are effective, we have no way of knowing when the virus will invade and spread. Senmu Immuni VAP shrimp feed additive can assist the immune system in producing targeted immune responses, effectively preventing the spread of viral infections in the herd, and enabling the shrimp to activate their immune system early and produce IgA quickly in the absence of low pathogenic conditions, enhancing the feeding efficiency of the shrimp and thus improving the yield and quality of the shrimp.

What is the impact of SenMu feed additive on shrimp growth and performance?

Long-term intake of the Senmu Immuni VAP shrimp feed additive has many positive effects on shrimp, such as promoting growth, resulting in greater size and faster growth, as well as increasing the nutritional value of shrimp meat. In terms of virus prevention, it also works in conjunction with vaccines to quickly activate the immune system and achieve double efficacy in herd immunity, thus increasing farm efficiency and reducing farming costs.

Does SenMu feed additives used in shrimp farming meet the regulations?

The regulations and standards for the use of Senmu feed additives depend on national and regional regulations, which are designed to ensure that feed additives are used in accordance with safety, hygiene and environmental requirements in order to protect the health of consumers and environmental sustainability. For both domestic and foreign trade, Senmu will take corresponding measures or certifications in accordance with the regulations of each country. For the sake of giving the farmers a correct judgment, Senmu will also assist them with inspection and data analysis according to their needs, in order to achieve the goal of sustainable development.

Are there any concerns about the safety and environmental impact of feed additives for shrimp?

The safety and environmental impact of feed additives has been an issue of concern in many countries. Common feed additives include antibiotics, growth promoters, colours, antioxidants, etc. In spite of the positive effects of feed additives on the growth and health of shrimp, there are also concerns about the environmental and human health effects. In the case of shrimp, the metabolic processes that occur when they ingest additives produce waste, which can be released into the surrounding environment and pollute the water. In addition, some feed additives may remain in the water and cause chronic or acute toxic effects on aquatic organisms.

Senmu Immuni VAP shrimp feed additives are biodegradable feed additives that have been rigorously tested by a third-party impartial unit and have been proven to be antibiotic-free, heavy metal-free and without environmentally harmful residues. All in all, the use of feed additives should be based on the principle of appropriate dosage and reasonable selection and application according to the growth stage of the shrimp and environmental factors.

Besides shrimp, what other aquaculture can use the SenMu feed additive?

Senmu Feed Additive is fortified with highly energetic yeast. In addition to shrimps, it can also greatly improve the health and reduce the mortality rate of fish, crabs, eels and clams etc. Senmu Feed Additive has glucan and multifunctional peptides, which greatly improve the feed conversion rate and increase the weight of fish, shrimps, crabs, eels and clams, increasing the benefits of aquaculture for all types of aquaculture.

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