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Moppet Foodie Functional Dog Food

Pets are like  our own children, accompanying them from their tender years to their golden ages. We all aspire for their good health and well-being.

Therefore, Moppet Foodie, rooted in love, focuses on safeguarding the ocular and cardiovascular health of pets, addressing potential joint issues in their senior years, as well as cancer concerns that may arise due to aging. Incorporating ingredients like black yeast and the uniquely developed VAP, we aim to accompany them through a lifetime of health and happiness. Nurturing health from an early age, Moppet Foodie is committed to providing comprehensive daily nutritional products for pets’ holistic well-being.

Product Specification : 2KG/BAG

Original price was: NT$1,000.Current price is: NT$800.


  • The patented unique VAP enhances immune function.
  • Protection and maintenance of health functions.
  • Eye protection for clear and bright vision.
  • Promote cardiovascular health.
  • Preservation of joint ligament integrity.
  • Enhancement of coat shine and luster.

Five Nutritional Ingredients

  1. VAP :Repair of mucosal cells, reduction of inflammatory responses, deceleration of aging, enhancement of mucosal immunity, decrease in allergic reactions, and improvement of canine health along with enhancement of coat luster.
  2. Black yeast (containing β-glucans):An excellent immunomodulator, it controls the deterioration of cancer cells and possesses robust antioxidant capabilities. It acts as a natural scavenger of free radicals.
  3. Calendula (Contains free lutein made from special manufacturing processes.):Calendula not only offers eye-protection benefits but also provides soothing effects for emotional tension, calmness, and anti-inflammatory properties.
  4. Rutin (Natural whole food):It can reduce the fragility of microvessels caused by bleeding disorders and hypertension, while also strengthening blood vessels to prevent conditions such as strokes.
  5.  Shark Cartilage (Special patent, preserving nutritional activity intact.):Facilitates repair of damaged cartilage cells, aiding in the reconstruction of joint cartilage, alleviating symptoms of arthritis, rheumatism, bone spurs, gout, along with exhibiting anti-swelling and analgesic effects.

The application of VAP in pets

Gut Health
Vitality and Wellness
Intestinal Bad Bacteria
Fecal Odor
Allergy Probability

Case Studies

Case Studies

Ms. Zhang

After starting the administration of Moppet Foodie, Ms. Zhang’s dogs exhibited a significant improvement in their overall health. They showed increased appetite, enhanced activity levels, and their coats became notably glossier and healthier.

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Case Studies

Ms. Chou’s

Ms. Chou’s dog had redness due to skin sensitivity and experienced diarrhea after consuming chicken.

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