Place of Origin: Taiwan

Packaging: 1 kg

Product Introduction

For the plague (mostly viral), the main thing is not to allow the disease to spread significantly. The virus needs a host to survive. Therefore, for a period of time, no animals or people are infected again, and the virus cannot survive in this area. VAP is a key nutrient for the normal functioning of the human or animal immune system. It cannot be produced by the human or animal. With VAP, the three major immune systems (cellular immunity; humoral immunity and mucosal immunity) can be coordinated with each other. , To achieve the highest efficiency of protection. Used in animal husbandry, it can improve the efficiency of the pasture, reduce the infection in the field, reduce the incidence, so that the feed nutrition can be effectively used for littering; egg production; meat production, which is to increase its own competitiveness. When egg prices, meat prices, and market prices are low as well as other farmers are losing money, we who are using VAP can achieve the goal of sustainable operation and stable profitability if we can achieve the same or small profit.

Source of VAP (Versatile Adhesion Protein)

SenMu Co., Ltd. continues to research and found that some mushrooms, traditional Chinese medicine, milk, fungus metabolites, etc., all have this protein from nature. After years of research and analysis, the R&D team of SenMu Co., Ltd.uses a special process and special raw material formula to ferment and produce, and then use concentration technology (membrane filtration process) and sealing coating sterilization technology to make it work together. VAP is the product of polysaccharides, glycoproteins and multi-molecular peptides. VAP contains dextran, special formula, natural no western medicine ingredients, tested by SGS, no antibiotics, heavy metals, pesticides, aflatoxin, steroids and other harmful substances. It is a natural supplementary health care product as key nutrients that maintains the normal functioning of the immune system for humans or animals.

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