Does the color of the egg affect the nutritional content?

Nowadays, no matter it is the old generation or the young people, there is a myth that egg yolks are reddish-orange in colour, the higher its nutritional value will be. Egg retailers have seized this opportunity to sell eggs with the same nutritional content at a higher price just because of the difference in colour. To address this issue, Senmu will answer your questions today and dispel the egg myth. The color of the shell and yolk of an egg is not absolutely related to its nutritional value, but rather depends on the feed, genetics and breed of the chicken being fed. According to the data from the Food and Drug Administration of the Ministry of Health and Welfare’s “Food Nutrient Composition Database”, there is only a slight difference in the crude protein between yellow and white eggs, but no significant difference in the content of other vitamins and minerals, and it is against the law to add artificial foodstuffs to the feed. Therefore, farmers will add carrots, alfalfa, yellow corn, and chili powder to the feed to increase the light yolk color level. The difference in rearing environment will also lead to the difference in egg size, and the difference in size will also lead to the price fluctuation in the market. It’s not just about the color or the size of the eggs, but it gets back to the importance of nutritional value, and the Senmu Immuni VAP feed additive can help farmers to make up for this part of the shortfall. In the face of the rampant viral diseases nowadays, the production of eggs is not as good as it used to be, so the Senmu Immuni VAP feed additive can play its role in group feeding. In response to the variability of viruses, when laying hens are low in disease volume and have not yet developed any disease, Senmu Immuni VAP feed additive can immediately find corresponding antibodies against the pathogen, and farms with possible herd infections are left with only sporadic disease due to the long-term intake of Senmu Immuni VAP feed additives. Thanks to the Senmu Immuni VAP feed additive, the laying hen farms we work with can also see from the data that egg shell quality, egg production rate, feed conversion rate, and feed to egg ratio have all been improved.

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