How the Immune System Responds to Viruses: Explaining the Mechanisms of Anti-Viral Immunity

The human immune system is a complex and sophisticated defense system whose main function is to recognize and eliminate invading pathogens. Once a virus enters the body, the immune system instantly activates a series of antiviral immune mechanisms to protect us from infection. First of all, the first line of defense of the immune system consists of a mechanism called “natural immunity”. Natural immunity is a non-specific immunity that provides relative protection against pathogens in the skin and mucous membranes, but with the emergence of today’s multivariate viruses, the effectiveness of natural immunity is relatively limited. While we are still waiting for the body’s natural immunity, the virus has already reached a certain number and the risk of serious illness and death is increased. Vaccines are the most popular way to achieve rapid immunization. Although vaccines can target the pathogen in time to solve the problem at root, however, vaccines are usually specific, so if the virus mutates, the protection will be very low or even ineffective.

Therefore, in response to the current trend, we promote “mucosal immunization”, which has the same mechanism and purpose as vaccines, that is, to allow the immune system to recognize the virus earlier. However, the antibody produced by the vaccine is IgG, which neutralizes the virus in the blood, while the antibody produced by the mucosal immunization of VAP is IgA, which labels and neutralizes the virus in the mucosal layer. Almost all viruses can only infect humans or animals through mucous membranes, and the largest routes of infection are the respiratory and digestive mucous membranes.Mucosal immunity is characterized by systemic immunity, and the difference between VAP and vaccines is that VAP can neutralize the virus by making antibodies against the spicule and sphingomyelin proteins of viruses to achieve herd immunity quickly. Since VAP is a small peptide found in nature, it is known to be natural and non-side-effective for the human and animal body. VAP is a new discovery and an indispensable key nutrient. It is a newly discovered and essential nutrient that must be ingested over a long period of time in order to prevent and combat the uncertainty of future viral variability.

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