What are the things to note about aquaculture?

Though aquaculture is the entry level for many breeders, there are many details and concepts to keep in mind. Once a link is wrong, it will also cause significant impact, the following are some of the points to take note of:

  1. Choose the appropriate breeding site: Choosing the right site is extremely important, taking into account factors such as water quality, water source, and geography. Ensure that water sources are of good quality and away from areas where water products may be contaminated, such as sewage outfalls, chemical plants, etc. Before selecting a site, we must also prepare well in advance. We must not ignore the suitable terrain and environment for breeding animals just because you feel the location is superior.
  2. Water quality management: Water quality is one of the key factors for the success of aquaculture. Regular water quality tests are conducted to ensure that the oxygen, dissolved oxygen, ammonia and nitrogen indicators in the water body meet appropriate standards. If necessary, measures such as oxygenation and water treatment can be taken. In addition, strict daily control of water quality is also an essential daily step.
  3. Select the appropriate species: Various aquatic species have different requirements for water quality, temperature and feed. Choosing species suitable for the local environment can improve the breeding success and efficiency.
  4. Feed management: Proper feed management can improve the growth rate and quality of aquatic products, while reducing feed waste and environmental pollution. Select high-quality feeds and feed them in the right proportion and time.
  5. Disease Prevention and Control: Aquatic animals are susceptible to various diseases, so we must strengthen disease prevention and control measures. Maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of the breeding environment, monitor the health of breeding animals, and deal with disease problems in a timely manner.
  6. Environmental protection: Aquaculture should comply with local environmental protection regulations and policies. Reasonable use of water resources to prevent water pollution and reduce the impact of sewage, waste and chemical agents on the environment.
  7. Monitoring and recording: By monitoring and recording important data such as water quality, growth of breeding animals and feeding quantity on a regular basis. These data help to evaluate the effectiveness of breeding, identify problems and adjust breeding management in a timely manner. Senmu company is also willing to provide breeding advice and assistance to meet the needs of breeders, providing appropriate testing methods and dose adjustment of Senmu Immuni VAP feed additives to enhance the overall efficiency and productivity of the breeding farm.
  8. Break the old concept and create new thinking: It is difficult to observe the condition of the aquatic animals in the breeding pool. One of the major ways to observe the growth process of aquatic animals is to evaluate them through their feeding. The choice of feed and the amount of feeding is also a key factor. Senmu Immuni VAP feed additive can help you prevent those unseen viral diseases and stabilize the intake of aquatic animals during stable or outbreak periods without causing large residues in the breeding pool. It will be possible to find the corresponding antibodies against diverse pathogens at low disease levels and reduce mortality. Moreover, Senmu Immuni VAP feed additive can also convert its function into defense and repair when stabilized, which has many positive effects on aquatic animals, such as promoting growth, making aquatic animals bigger and growing faster, and also improving nutritional value, achieving double effect. Senmu Immuni VAP feed additive can be said to help breeders establish a new concept of prevention, but also to improve the efficiency of their breeding farms and reduce the cost of feeding.
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