What is non-nutritive additive?

The non-nutritive additive is not an inherent nutrient in feed. There are many types of non-nutritive additives. In order to achieve the modern method of pursuing breeding efficiency, it is necessary to improve the feed efficiency from different functions to achieve the best production capacity. According to their functions, the common non-nutritive additives are immune accelerant, growth accelerant, bactericidal and insect repellent, feed preservative, etc.

The current breeding environment is based on the model of scale economy. Although there is economic benefits, once the virus is invaded, it is easy like a plague to get the on-site circulated infection because The speed and scope of disease spread often make breeders unready for the epidemic. Therefore, it results in a large number of deaths of breeding animals and huge losses of the breeders. Even if there is no large number of deaths, it will cause low egg laying and meat growth performance to have a loss due to due to the increasing feeding costs. Therefore, it is not too much to say that the disease is the most troublesome problem for the breeders.

Hence, there is a special demand for the disease-resistant part of the non nutritional additives in modern world. The feeding cost of this part is relatively low, but if a good product can exert its effect. it is indispensable for the feeding link. For the occurrence of diseases, the current prevention and control of the COVID-19 is the control of human flow, because the virus must have a host to replicate and survive, but the farm can’t do so.

At present, the plague (mostly viral) is mainly from biosafety control and vaccines. It is expected that the disease will not spread significantly. However, because the mutation rate of the virus is too fast. However, the protective potency of the vaccine has been reduced, or even completely unprotected so looking for new solution is the main urgent priority in every feeding field. VAP feed additive is the key nutrient for the normal operation of human or animal immune system, which can not be produced by human bodies or animals. Only With VAP feed additive, the three immunity of immune system (cellular immunity, humoral immunity and mucosal immunity) can cooperate mutually to achieve the highest efficiency protection.

How to use VAP making antibiotic-free natural feed?

Why do we usually add antibiotics to feed in the past? It is because pigs, chicks, aquaculture and so on were fed in group massively so it is easy to break out large-scale disease infection, Therefore, it is necessary to add drugs to feed. In addition to adding high-dose antibiotics at the time of onset, preventive drugs are usually used. However, most of the current outbreaks of large-scale disease infections are usually caused by viral diseases, so antibiotics are ineffective against viruses. Therefore, antibiotics are ineffective for viruses. Long-term use of antibiotics is easy to produce superbug. Once antibiotics are needed, we will face the dilemma of no medicine available.

At present, breeders, and feed manufacturers look for products, such as plant extracts, probiotics, essential oils, etc. to substitute antigen actively. The effect of preventing secondary infection and reducing the incidence will be different due to factors such as field environment, feeding management, biosafety and epidemic prevention. The effect will be different if they can combine with ImmuniVAP feed additives to promote the above effects. The production performance of the farm (litter size, meat product, egg laying, feed efficiency, etc.) can be promoted or improve greatly.

In the new era of antibiotic free farming, we can add 10~20 ppm natural fermented ImmuniVAP feed additives in general concentrate products or feed formulas to have the following effects:

(1) It can reduce incidence of diseases, prevent high-concentration viruses from outside and mutated viruses in the field, and prevent many outbreaks and uncontrollable risks from exposing customers’ property to high risks.

(2) To improve the effect of vaccines and drugs

(3) To strive for the early period of disease rescue to improve the efficiency of the whole farm (egg laying, litter size, average daily gain, utility rate of feed nutrition, livability, etc.). It is the correct feeding way to use antigen until getting disease.

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